5 Creative Ways to Serve Wedding Cocktails

The wedding season isn’t over yet and we have some great ideas on how you can dress your favourite Kiss Mix cocktails up for that special day. Already mixed, our cocktails allow you to spend more time on presentation and really wow your guests!

  1. Add Fruit to Your Glass

Try our fresh, fruity Cosmopolitan with cranberries and pomegranate molasses in the glass to enhance the delicious flavours! If you’re looking for something a bit more subtle, try freezing fruit into your ice cubes – a great way to add extra vim.Kiss Mix Cosmopolitan and Pomegranate molasses

2. Get Creative With Your Glassware

To add a bit of edge and for something a little bit different, why not serve your Kiss Mix cocktail from an elegant glass decanter. Then pour your cocktail out into a glass jar for your guests to drink from! Great fun!
Glass decanter and mason jars for serving 3. Try Coloured Straws

To add an extra splash of colour to your Kiss Mix cocktails why not buy patterned straws to compliment your drink. We love picking out a few different coloured candy striped straws for the ultimate summer feel.

Patterned candy cane straws

4. Personalised Glasses

Make your guests feel special with their own personalised glass to take home as a souvenir of your special day. If you don’t have a glass pen, try little labels tied with a ribbon around the thin bottom of a Cosmo or Margarita glass.Personalised cocktail glasses5. Garnishes, Motifs & Flavoured Glass Rims

Popularity in unique garnishes is growing from people infusing cocktails with lavender to placing pimento olives on swizzle sticks on the top of glasses. Why not garnish our Cosmopolitan cocktail with a bit of tangy orange peel for a zesty kick. For all those sweet tooths’ out there, powder the rim of your Screwdriver glass with sugar or break tradition with a more citrus twist – a pineapple on the glass edge. For the final touches try small flowers, sugar craft ornaments or his and her motifs for the perfect wedding cocktail.Cocktail in a mason jar with ribbon, garnish and patterned straw

Photographs courtesy of:
Golubka Kitchen 
Brieowmi Films
Evermine Weddings