DIY: Orange and Strawberry Mess

We don’t just drink cocktails here, we eat them too. Call us obsessed but we’re constantly looking at ways to get our cocktails into our everyday lives without just heading for a few drinks after work with the girls.

During one of these girly sessions we ended up trying our Screwdriver cocktail with a wedge of strawberry and were blown away by how delicious and fresh the combination was. This added to the success of our previous Boozy Cherries recipe (you guys LOVED it!), we started looking at other recipes to make to enjoy our new favourite combo.

The Eton Mess is a very traditional English dessert, and happens to be one of our favourites. Also, because we are serious convenience-lovers, this simple recipe takes barely any time to prepare and is super, super easy. We’ve modified it slightly to suit our tastes, and called ours the Orange and Strawberry Mess.

kiss mix cocktails recipesIngredients: Grab a couple of cans of Kiss Mix Screwdriver, a bar of chocolate (whichever variety you fancy as long as it can be melted easily), a punnet of strawberries and some meringue nests. We went for store-bought meringue to save on time and effort, but if you’re more of a dab hand in the kitchen than us then go ahead and make your own!

kiss mix cocktails recipesQuantities vary depending on how many people your serving this dessert to, but we found the amount pictured (plus a few more strawberries) was a nice amount for up to four people.

kiss mix cocktails recipesRemember when we said this recipe was super easy? Well it is, but you do have to do a bit of prep in advance. In order to get that deliciously fresh orange-strawberry taste you’re going to need to soak the strawberries in your Screwdriver cocktail for a little bit of time.

kiss mix cocktails recipesAfter scoring each of the strawberrries to around the middle, add to a pot (or multiple pots if they’re easier to fit in your fridge). Make sure there is plenty of room in whichever container you use, no one likes a squished strawberry.

kiss mix cocktails recipesHere comes the hardest bit. Try your very hardest not to drink that lovely cocktail you’ve just opened and pour it all over the strawberries instead. Trust us, it will be worth the sacrifice. You’ll then need to add a cover (tin foil, tupperware lid or the like) and put in the fridge to soak up all the alcohol.

kiss mix cockails recipesThe longer you leave the strawberries to soak the better; we went for around 5 hours to ensure maximum absorption. Once you think they’re nearly ready to come out, you can start whipping up your meringue ready to break up in to pieces, or if you’re lazy like us you can just go to town on the one you’ve already bought.

kiss mix cocktails recipesOnce you take the strawberries out they will need a little time to dry off to make sure the chocolate sticks to them properly. Mmmmmm, you forgot there was chocolate didn’t you? Pop down some napkins or kitchen roll and lay your strawberries out so they have enough room to dry.

kiss mix cocktails recipesWhile your strawberries are drying, you can start melting your chocolate over a pan of boiling water. When it’s nearly all melted, arrange some straberries on top of the crushed meringue ready for the next step- you’ll want to move while the chocolate is still hot so best to be prepared! Drizzle your melted chocolate over the top and voila!

For extra brownie points we served ours with a little scoop of ice-cream. Perfection!