Kiss Mix recommends

It’s finally Friday which means we can start dreaming about the weekend, making some plans and thinking about how we can make the most of it. This week we’re in the mood for picking up a few cocktails and snacks, inviting the friends over and putting on a good movie.

To help to avoid any arguments over what film to watch (everyone has that friend) we’ve asked each of our departments to pick out their favourite movies to recommend.

COMEDY: The Hangover

kiss mix cocktail movie nightIf you haven’t seen The Hangover yet, where have you been? Still keeping us lauhging a few years on, this has to be one of the best comedies made for kicking back with a few cocktails. If you’re anything like us and have seen this film a few times, it could be the perfect opportunity to come up with an aptly titled ‘Hangover Drinking Game!’

ACTION: Skyfall

kiss mix cocktail movie nightIt’s hard to think of anyone cooler than Bond, James Bond. Whether you’re a die-hard Connery fan or prefer the new updated 007, there’s no denying that Skyfall is a seriously slick movie, perfect for escaping from day to day life and imagining your life as a secret agent. Plus Bond knows the importance of a sophisticated cocktail, so you’re in good company!

THRILLER: Silence of The Lambs

kiss mix cocktails movie nightNothing beats the chill you get from watching the legendary Anthony Hopkins as terrifying cannibal, Dr Hannibal Lector. Get the ambience right by turning your phones to silent, shutting the curtains and most importantly keeping your cocktails close, and your cushions closer….

DRAMA: Dead Poet’s Society

kiss mix cocktails movie night

One of our very favourite and most sadly missed actors of recent times, Robin Williams gives a stand out performance in this well-written coming of age movie. Prepare to unleash your sentimental side and feel utterly inspired.

MUSICAL: Mamma Mia

kiss mix cocktails movie nightSometimes movie nights turn into one of those nights, and what better way to help get it started than to belt out a few tunes from this mega-hit musical. Even if you’re not a huge Abba fan, you’d have to have a heart of stone not to let this infectious comedy cheer you up at the end of the week.