We can’t get enough of those Yelpers…

Last week we had many of you green with envy thanks to our photos from the brilliant Yelp Spring Break events… but don’t worry, we’re not going to use this as a second opportunity to boast.

Instead we’ve had a chance to hear back from some of the event reviewers (or ‘yelpers’ as they are officially known) to see what they thought about not only the events but our range of pre-mixed cocktails too.

You can view the full event reviews here, here and here, but we’ve also selected some of our most favourite mentions and listed them below.

Thank you to everyone who came and gave Kiss Mix a try, and here’s to the next event!

… Kiss Mix which had some delicious mixed drinks in a can (Cosmopolitan and Lemon Drop) both were good and refreshing … nice to have when sitting out by the pool or beach.

– Yelper at the Sunset Sips

Kiss Mix – a new liquor company I had not heard of. They are ready to serve drinks that are made with actual liquor, not malt beverage… they were very tasty, and strong too!

– Yelper at the Pirate Takeover

Special shoutout to the friendly guys at Kiss Mix … and their canned, adult beverages. That Lemon Drop was pretty darned refreshing.

– Yelper at the Beach Party

I wanted to mention Kiss Mix, I really liked their drinks – no malt liquor here, real drinks in a premixed can, great idea!

– Yelper at the Sunset Sips

… Kiss Mix with their canned fruity cocktails that I would prefer drinking over beer any day. My favourite was their Lemon Drop.

– Yelper at The Beach Party

The Kiss Mix guys … were back for more fun, this time bringing along some new flavors (love the margarita)

– Yelper at The Pirate Takeover

… I was distracted by a vendor called Kiss (Mix). A splendid British gentlemen told us all about the drinks’ composition and then offered us one of two samples: a Lemon Drop or a Cosmopolitan… What a great call! I came back for a second kiss, although the gentleman told me he’d only serve me the beverage. Definitely excited to start drinking this more often.

Yelper at the Sunset Sips

…Kiss Mix – love their mixed drinks, can’t wait for them to make it into Total Wine.

– Yelper at the Beach Party

The drinks were great. I really liked Kiss Mix with their Cosmopolitan and Lemon Drop beverages.

– Yelper at the Pirate Takeover