Tips: Cocktail Presentation

First impressions count more and more these days, with the rise of social media and the aspiration of a luxury lifestyle. We’ve become accustomed to writing off anything that doesn’t live up to our expectations immediately, which is why it’s so important to get things right first time.

When entertaining at home there is extra pressure to get things just right. If your cocktail isn’t up to scratch when you’re out in a bar you can blame the barman, but when it’s you in charge there is no escaping the responsibility that comes with hosting.

Despite the obvious benefits to Kiss Mix cocktails at home (1. they’re perfectly mixed ready for you to serve and 2. they’re bloomin’ delicious), we can also help you up your hosting skills to the next level, by making sure your presentation is just perfect.

Seeing as you’ve saved time mixing your cocktails from scratch there is little point wasting more time adding fussy garnishes or an accompanying nibble platter. We’ve got the easiest solution to take your cocktail presentation from amateur to pro: the glass you serve your cocktails in.

People are becoming less rigid with the traditional cocktail glass rules, nowadays especially, and finding unique and quirky ways to present their drinks. We’ve stuck more or less to a classic theme, but we find it’s a formula that helps us to really show off the premium quality of each of our cocktails.


CosmoYou can’t really go wrong with a classic martini glass for your Cosmopolitan cocktail. After all, where would the humble mix be if it hadn’t been forever linked to the iconic Carrie Bradshaw and the girls, sipping from glasses at their favourite New York bar.


ScrewdriverAs our Screwdriver cocktail is made with fresh orange juice, we’ve chosen a slightly shorter glass so as not to overwhelm guest with a heavy cocktail. There’s still enough room for ice, and it’s also informal enough to enjoy by the side of the pool, or outside at a barbecue.


InsomniaThis flavour itself is one of our less conventional cocktails, and is our perfect go-to for when we need a bit of a pick me up to get us ready for the party. We’ve chosen an easy and ready-to-go tumbler so we can keep a hold of it when things get exciting.

Lemon Drop

Lemon-DropWe love how much fun this hurricane glass is, and it always gives us a holiday feel when we use it for our Lemon Drop cocktails! Mix up with some ice and add in some mint or lime to add some really refreshing vibes.


margaritaThis is another classic glass shape for one of our favourite flavours. Your guests will think you’ve gone seriously professional if you present the Margarita in this glass, and if you really want to go the whole hog, you can add a little salt to the rim too.